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An odd letter from IT

Today I want to comment on an e-mail that was sent by the IT department of a technology company. To give you some context, the official operating system used by the company was Windows 7. However, due to some development needs, some Software Engineers and IT folks were using Windows 8. It wasn't an officially supported OS, but a reasonable amount of people were using it and honestly no problems or incompatibilities were found. Anyway, I copy pasted the e-mail so you can read it and take some conclusions of our own. Some of the content was change to keep it anonymous, but the general idea remains the same. Here it is:

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Resignation letter template

Today I just want to share a template of the letter of resignation I recently wrote. Thought it could be useful for somebody else, so why not sharing it. You can take a sneak peak bellow, or download it from my OneDrive public share (check the link at the bottom of this post).

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The problem with today’s Software Developer interviews

During the month of March of 2015 I was actively looking for a new job opportunity in Boston. I had just moved there and I am now sharing my experience. Boston’s marketplace is quite intriguing, something worth writing about. This post just highlights my point of view on how interviews for Software Developers are conducted. Hopefully you might find some useful information for your future possible job search, but I would even be more amazed if I could change some interviewer's perspective.

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