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Diagnose ASP.Net Core startup issues when hosted as a Windows Service

One of the great features released in ASP.Net Core 2.1 is the capability to host a application as a Windows Service. For Windows based production environments, Windows Services tend to be the chosen execution strategy for smaller services. It's a bare bones solution compared to IIS, but in a lot of cases, developers just need an open port to interact with their application.

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Setup HTTP Security headers in a S3 hosted website

In a previous blog post I described how to host a Angular application using S3 and CloudFront. The combination of S3 and CloudFront is required to avoid 404 (page not found) errors when a user tries to access a dynamic route, defined in Angular. By itself, S3 works as a static website host (you can think of it as a directory), so it's only prepared to serve the files it is hosting. CloudFront can be configurated to intercept error responses (like 404 file not found) from S3 and return the root of your Angular app (index.html), then it will be Angular's responsibility to navigate and display the correct page for the defined route. This technique can be applied to other SPA frameworks, but for the sake of simplicity I will focus this blog post around Angular.

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How to fix VS2017 missing XAML tools build error

Typically, when an older project is opened for the first time in the latest version of Visual Studio, the migration manager kicks in and automatically corrects any inconsistencies between Visual Studio versions. However, some other issue may arise. Using the default install of Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition, trying to compile the solution I was working on returned the following error:

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Uploading a Angular App to S3 with npm

Lately I have been working in a few Angular projects. I would like to share some the discoveries I have made, but honestly I'm lacking the inspiration to write. I would rather just share my code and move on, but some information in not that easy to convey through code. Depending your interest, I'll might do both: force myself in to writing more often; and have a small shared Angular project with small, gradual, self-explanatory commits. For the upcoming blog posts expect more Angular. When I mean Angular It's Angular 2 and above, not to be confused with the first version (now named AngularJS). If you are not familiarized with the differences please check this brilliant Quora answer.

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Using AWS CloudFront to serve an SPA hosted on S3

My previous post explained how AWS S3 could to be configured to host a static website. However, AWS S3 static website hosting might not provide all the necessary options required by modern Single-Page Applications, nor the flexibility to handle custom domains or SSL certificates. This blog post will demonstrate how AWS CloudFront can sit on top (or in front) of AWS S3 to provide a more fine-tuned web service.

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