Warm greetings from London

As you might have noticed, I have been absent from this blog from the last couple of months. Not that I ran out of topics or I don’t want to share my opinions, it’s just “life got in the way”. Putting it bluntly, my priorities shifted so I choose to spend more time doing other tasks. Obviously, I could spare a few minutes here and there to write a new blog post, but sometimes you just need a long period of reflection to observe and rethink what to do next.

So exactly what happened? By the end of the Summer I left to U.S. and moved back to Europe. Consequentiality I had to find a new place, take care of a bunch to paperwork related to the move (which is far more cumbersome when you move to another country), I left my old job, had to refresh my interview skills, and already started on a new gig. It was quite a change for just a couple of months. Now that almost fully adapted to my new routine, I feel it’s the right time to write again.

Before anybody starts wondering, no I didn’t leave the U.S. because of the current political situation, although I must admit that my timing could not be better. Let’s not expand on this topic, so I don’t stain this blog in political arguments. At the end of the day, it is what it is and my arguments can’t change anything.

Anyway, this was just a “hey, I’m still here” and I will be back with more of my tech articles before the end of the week.