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Tips to avoid breaking existing SOAP APIs

These days it might be a bit uncommon to find anybody creating new SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) web services. However that does not mean SOAP web services are dead. Due to public perception, Software companies avoid mentioning components that might be considered "old" (or not trendy). In a highly competitive market, where companies keep fighting for the best Developers, referencing older technologies might throw some candidates off. Still, that does not mean components developed with "older" technologies do not require maintenance.

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How to automate Windows Security prompt input

Here's another post about automation. This time let's automate Windows Security input prompts text input. Disclaimer, use your best judgment to figure when you should or shouldn't use this scripts. Keep in mind that for the next set of examples passwords are kept in plain text. If you plan to actually use this files, at least use SecureStrings (check reference here). Please be careful, I won't be responsible for any misuse of the scripts presented in this post.

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Create a schedule task to periodically run a PowerShell script

Lately, the anti-virus used by the company I work for have been giving me a few headaches. In a nutshell, every time Visual Studio is opened or the Visual Studio test framework tries find tests, the anti-virus starts his virus scan. By itself that shouldn't be a problem, the scan shouldn't consume too many resources. The reality is the anti-virus scan completely gets out of hand with the amount of resources it's using, making my computer unusable while the scan is being performed. On top of that, Visual Studio is on hold while the scan is running. Here's a few screenshots of the Task Manager while the Anti-Virus is running.

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Fix TypeScript file encoding in Win10 app development

Allowing developers to pick the programming language they feel most comfortable when writing Windows 10 applications, has been Microsoft's the strategy to appeal more developers join their ecosystem. Since JavaScript popularity has increased tremendously in the last years, it's only natural that Microsoft supports application development using HTML and JavaScript. For increased productivity and compile-time validation, many of us choose TypeScript in favor of vanilla JavaScript. On this article I'll talk how can you use TypeScript for HTML/JavaScript Windows 10 development and how can you avoid file encoding problems reported by 'Windows App Certification Kit'.

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TypeScript presentation

Recently I spent some time working on a presentation about TypeScript, for my current company. The main purpose was to study the pros and cons and validate if it would make sense to use it on our Web Applications. The presentation itself is targeted for a boarder audience, with little or no experience with JavaScript. It begins by explaining the origin and evolution of JavaScript; concluding with how TypeScript can aid developers avoid common mistakes and tackle some flaws inherited from JavaScript's specification.

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